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Trophy Display – The Importance of Showing Off Awards

When thought about on its most basic level, a trophy display simply holds things. However, everyone knows the things that a trophy display holds are significant to someone or several people. Those objects hold a special importance. They stand in for a noteworthy achievement or a timeless legacy. These objects, these awards, are a physical representation of excellence.

Displaying awards has less to do with admiration, and more to do with symbolism. An award of any kind does not simply indicate a goal being met. It represents many things for the recipient, and they take pride in showing off those awards in their trophy display case.

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If someone has received an award, it is because the effort put into acquiring it is being recognized. Trophy displays aren’t filled by doing something everyone else can do. It is acknowledged and appreciated that the recipient had to work for it. Obstacles had to be overcome. Skills had to be acquired and mastered.

A trophy represents exactly that: the effort of becoming the champion. We’ve all heard the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” A trophy embodies that saying. One does not receive reputation; one can only earn it. Of course, this isn’t the only important reason to show off awards.


Many follow the path of least resistance. It is the road commonly traveled. There is no real danger to speak of, and no real consequence to failure. Unfortunately, this route does not end in a filled trophy display.

An award does not just represent the struggle of competition. Awards symbolize the willingness to try something new and to get good at it. Awards represent the spirit of anyone that competes to win. The challenges one overcomes can only be mastered through heart, soul, and grit. The recipient must have deemed the challenge worthwhile, and that can only be achieved through spirit.

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Even when we ourselves aren’t the recipient of an award, we can still celebrate and enjoy them. That’s because sometimes our loved ones receive awards for challenges they’ve overcome. Sometimes, it is their greatness being acknowledged that gives us the most joy. When our children win baseball games or get 1st place in spelling bees, this fills our hearts as parents. This is perhaps the most rewarding achievement adorning our trophy display; the victories of our children.

There’s no fiercer joy than the kind that a parent feels when their children begin to excel. It allows them to feel as if they’ve done a good job at keeping their kids on the right track. It provides peace of mind, knowing their children can stand up to the challenges of life. It, along with the spirit and effort to compete, culminates into the ultimate reason to show off awards.


Whether for ourselves or for others, having a stocked trophy display represents how proud we are. In our day-to-day lives, everything tends to stay in a neutral state. Nothing is out of the ordinary; we just sort of happily exist. It’s the extraordinary moments that affect us the most, and those are the moments that awards celebrate.

Pride in one’s own achievements or the successes of others is healthy and wonderful. It is an honoring of one doing something beyond the ordinary. A trophy display holds symbols of unbelievable aptitude, incredible strength, and unshakeable tenacity. It holds mastery and history. Most of all, it holds and displays the whole of who we are as exceptional human beings.

Time for Your Trophy Display

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