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Tough Mudder Medal - Train to Win Your Next Event

Tough Mudder Medal – Train to Win Your Next Event

Trending events like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and the “Mannequin Challenge” turned a small idea into a viral cultural phenomenon. Another one of these small ideas that had massive potential for virality was the Tough Mudder. Using the power of the biggest social networking platform in the world, Brits-turned-New Yorkers Will Dean and Guy Livingstone promoted the first Tough Mudder competition on Facebook back in 2010. The competition was an instant hit, having drawn in over 4,500 participants and starting a brand new physical trend born from a digital space. But it’s time to leave the computer-talk behind: training to win a Tough Mudder medal takes a lot more than a keyboard and mouse, and here’s why.

What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is an extreme endurance event in which competitors must make their way through a 10-12 mile course with increasingly difficult to master physical and mental challenges. It is not uncommon to see Tough Mudder courses rife with obstacles involving water, fire and freezing temperatures. Competitors are often encouraged to help one another make their way through these challenges together, but ultimately the individual competitor is responsible for setting themselves on the path to victory. As such, here are some training regimens to get you closer to winning your very own Tough Mudder medal.

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Cardio, Cardio, More Cardio

Tough Mudder competitions encompass many different feats of endurance, but perhaps the most prevalent of those is running. Alongside the many challenges you’ll face is a near-constant all-terrain marathon run to the finish. Running is not only demanding on you physically, but mentally as well. Without proper training before running for long periods of time, you could hit a wall and lose a lot of ground in a Tough Mudder event. This is why developing a strong cardio routine is integral in your mission to become the next Tough Mudder medal winner.

The official Tough Mudder website recommends starting yourself at around 2 miles per day. This is part of a well-known workout regimen known as the “Murph” or “Body Armor” program. After your body develops muscle memory for this regimen you will want to start working your way up to 10 miles a day. Sounds intimidating, right? You’d be surprised what you’re capable of when you have a comprehensive cardio program. Be sure to work jumping rope and cycling in as well, as this also goes a long way toward making yourself ready to chase down a Tough Mudder medal.

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Strength Train and Get Gains

Running isn’t the only exercise you’ll want to master before you make your way to your first Tough Mudder competition. Increasing your body’s overall strength will be just as important to your success story on the course. Developing and adhering to a healthy strength training routine will prepare your entire body for the grueling challenges it is about to face. With discipline and determination, you will be fortifying your physique as you make your way toward obtaining your very own Tough Mudder medal.

Another recommendation from the official Tough Mudder website is the use of calisthenics in strength training. Simply put, it means using your body’s own weight as a form of resistance to strengthen your muscles. One recommended beginner strength training workout goes as follows:

  • 40 air squats
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 20 push ups
  • 10 pull-ups

In conjunction with a healthy diet and a good mix of cardio training, strength training will take you far in your mission to become a Tough Mudder medal-winning competitor. However, the last of our recommended training regimens may be the most important of all…

Free Your Mind

That’s right: you need to remember to rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself during any of this training. Remember when we said Tough Mudder is a physical and mental challenge? That’s because it doesn’t just take brute strength or lightning-fast running speeds to overcome the challenges you’ll face. As you compete for your own Tough Mudder medal, you’ll need complete mental clarity and unending determination to cross that finish line.

How can you make sure your mind is as healthy as your body? Take time to rest and make sure not to overexert yourself. If your body becomes overstressed, your mind will surely follow. This can only make it more difficult to convince yourself to keep up with your training regimens. So meditate, take intermittent breaks during your training, or practice any other form of self-care that will help you keep a clear and peaceful mind.

Tough, but Worth It

Winning a Tough Mudder medal isn’t easy, but then again, it isn’t really meant to be. After all, the word “Tough” is right in the title! But that doesn’t mean it’s in any way impossible. The right physical and mental training could send you down the path to victory, and we want to see you cross that finish line.

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