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The Significance Of Awards: What Is It All About?

You have all kinds of awards in the world today. From Olympic Medals to Emmys, from Nationals to Nobel Peace Prizes. If you Google ‘world awards’ you’ll get a sense of just how many we’re talking about.

If you’ve bagged some awards at some point in time, you’re probably familiar with the thrill of having done so. It doesn’t really matter if you won an award at school, at a workplace or on a countrywide scale for an athletic feat! The rush that comes with being handed that medal, cup or shield is something that can be compared to a few things.

Even so, what are awards really about? Why should you be handed an inanimate object for doing the things you wanted? Let’s find out!

It’s Not if You Win or Lose

Some of you might be thinking; “I’ve hardly won any awards and I don’t see the point”. Others may be thinking; “I know the point of an award! It’s proof that I won or accomplished something”. In truth, awards are about a lot more than victory. An article published by the online magazine called Science elaborates on how awards are important regardless of victory!

The reason for this is that awards are not about winning exclusively. They are about inclusion, motivation, participation and progress!

Motivation to Participate

Whether you’re a sportsperson, a scholar or a scientist, there is no question about the fact that when you do what you love, that, in itself is motivation. This being said, throwing an award in the mix always makes things a little more exciting.

When you’re working to win, whether that is what happens eventually or not, it helps focus you. Your goals are clear, you know what you need to do and there is a tangible end in sight. In other words, those days when your tasks feel unmanageable, it is the hope of winning that helps keep you motivated and working towards your goal! In this manner, awards are about motivating you to take part and put in your best!

Prosperity and Progress

For those who manage to make it far enough to win the awards in question, the same symbolizes, fruitful effort, success and progress. The award is a reminder of the hours you put in to achieve whatever you did. It is a symbol of the work that went in and the personal price you paid; be it time away from home, months of rigorous training or files full of research, the award stands testimony that you got it done!

In this sense, the awards you win signify the process, the progress made and of course; your eventual victory!

Winding Down

Keeping all this in mind, it makes sense to display your awards with pride as opposed to stick them in a box in the garage or at the back of the attic!

If you’re looking to buy a trophy shelf, medal rack or something of the sort, we specialize in making racks and shelves for everything from dance awards to martial arts medals! Swing by so we can help you give those awards the respect they deserve!

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