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Own What You Earn—Displaying Your Medals

Despite wanting to showcase your medals and other accolades, you may lack creative ideas for displaying them.

While some like to aggregate all their awards and stack them up in one corner as a Wall of Honor, others may not feel the same way.

Medals can be displayed in a variety of ways ranging from those that make them the center of attention to those that honor them privately.

Here are a few different ideas for displaying them with pride.

Close To Your Heart, Wherever You Go

Medal Awards Rack’s plastic display cases for medals allow you to preserve the lanyard from wear and protect the gleam of medal from dulling. Keeping you medals individually in transparent cases lets you admire them individually. Medals left hanging are at a constant risk of being damaged.

These transparent cases are portable unlike a fixed medal award rack which is fitted on a wall. It can be carried around for whenever you need to peek into your special reward for motivation. Whether that means keeping them in a backpack that you take to college or a briefcase you take to work, it can work either way.

These transparent casings can also be lined up on your work desk, dresser, bedside table or a trophy shelf for a more elegant display. By giving each award individual attention, your display gives off the impression of more with less.

Muster Up Motivation Every Time You Look

There’s no denying the impact words can have in making the slightest of achievements seem like a big victory.

It is becoming increasingly trendy to pick trophy racks and award displays that say a word or phrase for motivation. A few examples include mottos like Always Earned and Finish Strong that can go on top of your medal award shelf.

Create A Collection Of 1 Ft Medal Shelves

If you’re proud to call yourself an owner of a bunch of medals, you have the liberty to display them in a variety of ways.

You could conventionally pick a large 4 ft long trophy shelf to showcase all your medals in a row but that’s something that everyone does. In order to break away from the tradition of dedicating one corner to all your awards, go for a divide-and-display move.

If you’ve accumulated a collection of medals from different competitions, you can categorize and display each family on a separate 1 ft medal hanger.

This can be paired with memorable photos or souvenirs from that occasion to create a thematic outlook. For instance, academic achievements can be separated from sports medals with certificates and sports equipment displayed respectively with them.

As a design idea for showcasing medals, this is an excellent choice for people who tend to compartmentalize and prefer exclusivity.

Medal Awards Rack is a family-run business that excels in craftsmanship and quality. Made from 100% solid wood, our products are tailored to customers’ demands while keeping an eye out for precision.

We create gymnastics medal and trophy display racks, dance trophy shelves and all that you need to present your achievements to the world.

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