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Baseball Hat Rack: Baseball Caps Aren’t Just about Fashion

While baseball caps have become a popular fashion accessory, that wasn’t their original purpose. First appearing in 1954 through a company called New Era, the “59Fifty” cap is the official hat for the sport of baseball. The modern baseball cap took a very long time to become what it is today. Baseball players began wearing hats of all shapes, materials, and sizes in the middle of the 19th century out of necessity rather than keeping a uniform look to their teams as a fashion statement. The version that endured, the fitted cap, is the final form the baseball cap took. Without the invention of the baseball cap, the need for a baseball hat rack wouldn’t exist.

The baseball cap doesn’t just sit atop the heads of athletes anymore, either. They’ve become a cultural staple in America. People from all walks of life can be seen sporting this distinctive headwear. There are plenty of reasons baseball caps have stood the test of time.

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It’s Functional

Baseball caps were created with one key function in mind; to keep athletes’ eyes safe and seeing clearly. Keeping eyes protected from the sun and maintaining full visibility were top priorities in their design, which led to the fitted cap we all know and love today. It’s crucial for all the player’s senses to be unimpeded as it can make the difference between winning and losing. This cap can also prevent players from being injured by a stray ball that might otherwise be missed thanks to the glaring sun. Beyond baseball, they work the same for everyone; anybody who spends any amount of time outside benefits from keeping a fitted cap on their heads and stored on their baseball hat rack.

It’s Versatile

Just because the baseball cap wasn’t originally created for fashion doesn’t mean it hasn’t become a popular accompaniment to many styles. Everyone from neighborhood kids to award-winning celebrities can often be found sporting a baseball cap. It has been a particularly popular choice for rugged blue-collar workers for decades. You’d be hard-pressed to find a proud over-the-road trucker who doesn’t keep one of these in their eighteen-wheeler or at home on their baseball hat rack. But by no means does that bar superstars like Beyonce and Kendall Jenner from wearing baseball caps.

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It’s America

While not limited to our country alone, the baseball cap is as much of an enduring symbol of American culture as blue jeans and apple pie. The baseball cap is a staple of America regardless of what sport you play or the career you have. They become a bit of an obsession for those that wear them on a regular basis. It isn’t uncommon for an avid wearer to sport a baseball hat rack chock full of them. Baseball caps were made in America, and for over a century, Americans have made them their hat of choice.

It’s Time for a Baseball Hat Rack

Every owner of a baseball cap should have a place to hang their hat both for sport and for style. That is why Medal Awards Rack offers a stylish and space-saving baseball hat rack for anyone who wants to keep their caps safe from damage and to show them off. Proudly display your impressive variety of baseball caps from your favorite sports teams, fashion outlets or roadside cafes. It also comes with space to hang and place awards, baseballs, or anything else you’d like to proudly present to visitors. Don’t hesitate to contact us about ordering your very own versatile and attractive baseball hat rack today!

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